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A list of blog articles from Buzztime Electronics that deal with Technology Tips and Tricks, written in an entertaining manner.

The great TPG email meltdown

TPG email providers are sinking ships
As we brace ourselves in the lifeboat and look around, there are four distinct choices on how to move ahead once you paddle away from the sinking ship that is TPG's email provisioning umbrella. 

Outlook 365 issues – how to get the damn thing to work

Outlook Email Issues Buzztime Electronics
You should be able to use the steps in this list to troubleshoot most Outlook 365 issues that come up. Remember to always backup your data before you start messing around. It'll be difficult even for master technicians like us to help, if you don't and things go haywire.

Beginning a blog optimistically and one dead plant…

Imagine a dimly lit room, cluttered with an assortment of cables, screws, and a laptop that's seen better days. That's us – Buzztime Electronics – a small-time tech repair business that's decided to embark on a perilous journey: starting a blog...