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Computer repairs

A computer or PC is still used by many people in Melbourne for their day to day work. Most PC’s use the Windows operating system and can sometimes have issues with slow internet, computer viruses or software issues that are inconvenient, but we somehow manage to find a way around the problem, just to get our urgent work done. That’s ok in the short run, but as these problems accumulate over time, you will reach a point where you just can’t go ahead. Before you decide to throw out the PC as useless, give us a call so that we can help you save some money on buying a new computer. Our experienced staff can assess what’s wrong and help you with your computer repairs, servicing, upgrades or replacements. 

Computer troubles can be quite annoying, especially when you rely on it for daily tasks. We make it simple and promise to do everything we can to provide reliable, affordable and fast computer repairs to get you back on track. No job is too big or small.

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Common Computer repair issues

These days, most computers are built with parts from the top 3 or 4 manufacturers in the world, so there is not too much difference in build quality. Most computers will experience some of the following issues at some point in their life and we frequently fix these at Buzztime Electronics:

  • Internet slowdown
  • Network and Printer problems
  • Forgotten passwords.
  • Cloud backup issues
  • Internet security setup

If you’re keen to understand why these issues crop up, read on, otherwise, Call us now for fast, professional, and affordable service.

Computer repair issues - what causes them?

Your computer problems can be caused by a number of factors including both software and hardware issues. Some of the most frequent culprits include:

  • Outdated software which can lead to compatibility issues or decreased performance
  • Hardware component failure like your power supply, RAM, Hard Drive or Graphics cards 
  • Malware and Viruses that can infect your system through downloads, emails or webs
  • Insufficient resources because your computer usage has evolved beyond your original specifications
  • Overheating because of inadequate cooling equipment or deterioration of thermal paste
  • User errors like deleting important files or changing settings on the system while trying to solve problems yourself

Most of these causes can be mitigated with regular and ad hoc maintenance before they spiral into larger problems. Complete our easy booking form to give us the info needed to fix your computer problem. If you want to try and fix it yourself, a quick online search should be able to give you videos that walk you through the process.

Upgrading and maintaining your Computer

The most common issues for Computer users are performance slow-down, viruses and hardware component failure. Regardless of what your problem is, we’ll do a full assessment and give you a few options to try out, depending on the time available and your budget. Some of the typical options we can provide you are:

  • Service your computer, ensure all the right drivers are installed and optimise disk usage

  • Upgrade your hard drive to improve speed and performance

  • Securely back up your personal data, documents and emails

  • Set up a new computer for you including anti-virus installation and transfer of old data

  • Erase old data and responsibly recycle your old laptop

Call us now for fast, professional, and affordable service. 

Why come to us for your Computer repairs?


We are great at what we do! Our customers often say, “I wish I had come to you for repairing my Computer quickly instead of wasting time with others”.

Customer First

At Buzztime, we love our customers and will go the extra mile to make sure we’re not just fixing your Computer, but also educating you on taking care of it.


We provide the best value for money when it comes to getting affordable Computer repairs. Our estimates are honest and you get warranties on all our services.

Computer Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. You might find it helpful to read through.

We’ll assess the damage to your Computer and give you an honest appraisal of how to fix it. If it’s a write-off, we’ll recover your data and prepare an insurance report to help you get some money back.

Absolutely! We’ll run diagnostics to confirm the root cause, give you a few options and then put the best solution in place, whether it’s installing updated drivers for your Computer or replacing your hard drive with a brand-new Solid-State Drive that boots up in less than 3 seconds.

Of course, you can! There are many videos on the internet that can guide you and it’s a fun way to learn about doing basic maintenance and repairs for your computer. If you run into trouble or complex issues, you can call the professionals at Buzztime and trust that we’ve got your back.

Computers can actually get you a lot of mileage if you take regular care of them. A general rule of thumb however is that if a computer repair costs more than 60% the price of a new computer, you might want to consider getting a new one, especially if yours is more than five years old. Less than that? it’s probably worth fixing.

At Buzztime, we can assess, run maintenance and do basic repairs on your computer for $150. If complex issues or many problems are identified, we’ll give you a no-obligation quote after assessing.

Our customers love our Computer repair service!

Computers, like most technology can be a bit temperamental  We have all the tools and experience needed to fix them and our knowledge of Computer repairs is so good that we often get devices from other shops because it is beyond their ability. Buzztime Electronics has several regular Computer customers who consistently trust us with their devices and keep coming back to us for their Computer repair and service needs.  Book a repair now, no credit card required. 

Being a resident at Tooronga Village, it is great to have a reliable well priced business where we live! I've had multiple screen covers, phone covers and other equipment with my new phones. Home visits on other technical issues, are a further service too! Thanks Michael and your team! Robyn
Robyn Golder
Robyn Golder
4 September 2023
Great service from Michael, who was able to get my water affected samsung working again on the day for a reasonable fee.
Stuart Dent
Stuart Dent
28 August 2023
Friendly and great service. I made the mistake of having Buzztime change out the battery instead of me having Apple diagnose the problem first. Buzztime $129 for third party battery. Apple $115 for Apple battery. Kicking myself. So be sure before hand.
Barry Sumpter
Barry Sumpter
1 August 2023
Super helpful
Bec Sanders
Bec Sanders
6 January 2023
I’ve had my phone repaired a couple of times with Buzztime (new battery and phone screen) and the staff are always polite and do such a good job and really quick. Within half each each tie. No complaints here. Would recommend them to anyone. Also competitive in price.
Kristy Walford
Kristy Walford
29 November 2022
Went in for a simple screen protector replacement and received delightful and efficient service. The team member was able to multitask effortlessly while serving multiple customers. Happy customer!
Latoyah Forsyth
Latoyah Forsyth
12 November 2022
Great service, thank you for your time and expertise! Highly recommended and knowledgeable!
Tess Adams
Tess Adams
9 November 2022
Very happy with the service and repair of my phone. Thanks to the clever guys there, my broken screen was replaced and additionally, Huy also fixed the fingerprint dysfunction. V.
Victoria Melbourne
Victoria Melbourne
22 October 2022
I would like to thank Chris, Narayan, for their fantastic service. Very friendly and sorted out our problems out quickly and efficiently. I will be back again.
Mile Soda
Mile Soda
15 October 2022