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Repairing a broken tablet

Hey there! Welcome to Buzztime Electronics, your one-stop shop for all things tablet repair. Whether you’re rocking an iPad, Samsung, or any other brand under the sun, we’ve got your back. There’s a lot of interesting info on tablet repairs below, but if you’re in a hurry, just use one of the buttons below to submit a service request, call, or find our store. We’ll get you sorted out quickly.

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Tablet repair issues - usual suspects

Tablets are that happy medium between laptops and mobile phones. Light and portable, great for browsing, entertainment and even presentations or early school work. Coming in much cheaper than laptops, they’re often an ideal gateway device for kids. Many schools actively use tablets for their primary grade children. At Buzztime, our technicians are experts at tablet repair, with more than 20 years of experience collectively to draw from. We often find these issues crop up frequently when using tablets. 

  • Battery Drain
  • Tablet Chipping
  • Tablet touch screen issues
  • Tablet liquid damage
  • Audio not working properly
  • App crashes or freezes
  • Tablet not turning on
  • Tablet slow down issues
  • Tablet not turning on
  • Tablet button problems

If you’re keen to understand why these issues crop up, read on, otherwise, Call us now for fast, professional, and affordable service.

Causes of common Tablet repair issues

Given tablets are so affordable and convenient, most households have at least one or two lying around. Especially if you’re part of a family. In between catching Stan episodes and chatting with your cousins in Europe, your tablet could be the victim of any of the following factors over time that lead to the issues listed above.

  • Physical Damage: This is perhaps the most common cause of tablet issues. Accidental drops, bumps, or pressure can lead to cracked screens, damaged hardware, and other physical impairments. Even small drops can sometimes cause internal damage that isn’t immediately visible.

  • Battery Degradation: Over time, the battery in a tablet can degrade, leading to issues like not holding a charge, draining quickly, or even swelling. This degradation is natural and happens with all rechargeable batteries, especially after many charging cycles.

  • Software Glitches or Corruption: Tablets can experience software problems such as system crashes, freezing, or slow performance. These issues can be due to corrupted files, unsuccessful updates, or software conflicts.

  • Water or Liquid Damage: Exposure to liquids is a common problem for electronic devices, including tablets. Even a small amount of liquid can cause significant damage to internal components, leading to malfunctioning or complete failure.

  • Overheating: Tablets can overheat due to prolonged usage, running resource-intensive applications, or being in a hot environment. Overheating can cause the device to shut down unexpectedly and, over time, can damage internal components.

  • Dust and Debris Accumulation: Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate inside a tablet, especially in ports and speakers. This can lead to issues like poor sound quality, charging problems, or, in severe cases, internal damage due to overheating or short circuits.

Most of these causes can be mitigated with regular and ad hoc maintenance before they spiral into larger problems. Complete our easy booking form to give us the info needed to fix your tablet problem. If you want to try and fix it yourself, a quick online search should be able to give you videos that walk you through the process.

Why come to us for your Tablet repairs?


We provide the best value for money when it comes to getting affordable Tablet repairs. Our estimates are honest and you get warranties on all our services.

Customer First

At Buzztime, we love our customers and will go the extra mile to make sure we’re not just fixing your Tablet, but also educating you on taking care of it.


We are great at what we do! Our customers often say, “I wish I had come to you for repairing my Tablet quickly instead of wasting time with others”.

Tablet Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. You might find it helpful to read through.

Absolutely! A cracked screen is one of the most common repairs. The cost depends on your tablet’s model and the extent of the damage. It’s usually a straightforward fix, and we can provide a more accurate quote once we assess your device.

The duration of the repair depends on the issue. Simple repairs like screen replacements can often be done within a day. More complex issues, like motherboard repairs, might take longer. We strive for a quick turnaround while ensuring top-quality work. Most of our tablet repairs are done within 4 hours.

We prioritize your data’s safety and privacy. In most cases, your data won’t be affected by a hardware repair. However, we always recommend backing up your tablet before any repair, just to be safe.

We repair a wide range of tablets, including older models. However, the availability of parts can be a challenge for very old or rare models. We’ll do our best to source the necessary parts or suggest alternative solutions after completing our assessment.

Yes, we stand behind our work! We offer a 90 day warranty on most repairs, covering the parts replaced and the work performed. The specific warranty period can vary depending on the type of repair and parts used. We’ll provide all the warranty details upon completing the repair.

Our customers love our Tablet repair service!

Tablets, just like any tech gadget, can have their moody days. But don’t worry, we’ve got the tools and know-how to get them back in shape. Our skills in tablet repairs are so extensive that other shops send us the tough cases they can’t crack. At Buzztime Electronics, we’re proud to have a bunch of loyal customers who always choose us for their tablet repair and servicing needs. Ready for a fix? Book a repair now – no credit card needed! 

Being a resident at Tooronga Village, it is great to have a reliable well priced business where we live! I've had multiple screen covers, phone covers and other equipment with my new phones. Home visits on other technical issues, are a further service too! Thanks Michael and your team! Robyn
Robyn Golder
Robyn Golder
4 September 2023
Great service from Michael, who was able to get my water affected samsung working again on the day for a reasonable fee.
Stuart Dent
Stuart Dent
28 August 2023
Friendly and great service. I made the mistake of having Buzztime change out the battery instead of me having Apple diagnose the problem first. Buzztime $129 for third party battery. Apple $115 for Apple battery. Kicking myself. So be sure before hand.
Barry Sumpter
Barry Sumpter
1 August 2023
Super helpful
Bec Sanders
Bec Sanders
6 January 2023
I’ve had my phone repaired a couple of times with Buzztime (new battery and phone screen) and the staff are always polite and do such a good job and really quick. Within half each each tie. No complaints here. Would recommend them to anyone. Also competitive in price.
Kristy Walford
Kristy Walford
29 November 2022
Went in for a simple screen protector replacement and received delightful and efficient service. The team member was able to multitask effortlessly while serving multiple customers. Happy customer!
Latoyah Forsyth
Latoyah Forsyth
12 November 2022
Great service, thank you for your time and expertise! Highly recommended and knowledgeable!
Tess Adams
Tess Adams
9 November 2022
Very happy with the service and repair of my phone. Thanks to the clever guys there, my broken screen was replaced and additionally, Huy also fixed the fingerprint dysfunction. V.
Victoria Melbourne
Victoria Melbourne
22 October 2022
I would like to thank Chris, Narayan, for their fantastic service. Very friendly and sorted out our problems out quickly and efficiently. I will be back again.
Mile Soda
Mile Soda
15 October 2022