Searching for good IT support is a PitA

Finding someone you trust to handle your precious gadgets is like finding a rare Pokémon. They understand your woes, speak a language you comprehend, and always seem to have a solution up their sleeves...
People looking for IT Support

We live in a world filled with amazing tech, where even mundane gadgets are smarter than the average human. We use these modern marvels to speed up the boring stuff in our lives and help us experience all that the world has to offer, like never before. God forbid if anything ever happens to our devices, because one thing that still remains elusive, is finding great local computer and phone repair technicians to support you. This article pokes some fun at the likely scenarios you’re going to face and why it’s important to find good IT support and stick with them like peanut butter to jelly.

What makes a good IT support person?

We start out on our quest with high hopes, a flicker of optimism in our eyes. And then we come to the speed-bump of explaining what our problem is. Often to someone who is great at what they do, but more of a problem-solver than an active listener.

A lot of techies don’t understand that we’re mortals who just expect stuff to work. We don’t need to know what a “boot error” or “driver update” is. I mean, I’ve restarted my device three times and there’s still issues, so now it’s your turn to figure out the rest. Am I right?

Maybe it will help if we can define what a ‘good’ IT support technician is. I keep hearing that people love coming back to Buzztime Electronics because we’re friendly, patient and experienced. No mention of geek levels there. I mean obviously, we need to be able to fix stuff, so we’ll take that as a given.

Finding a good PC and laptop repair technician these days is like searching for a needle in a haystack, while blindfolded, in a tornado. And the needle is passive-aggressive trying to prove a point.

We think it’s important to have that human connection in our interactions, so it’s key that our staff are experienced, friendly and patient. In return, we take good care of them by rewarding them handsomely and providing a great environment to work in.

Of course, on the flip-side, you have companies that try and compete on price and don’t treat their employees as well, often only working with sub-contractors to keep their costs down. Let’s take a look at what happens when the focus is quantity, not quality.

The wannabe Houdinis of tech support

Picture this: you ring up one of those big companies who provide great rates, meet with one of their IT support guys and hand over your beloved device to him. He claims to be a tech magician who has worked wonders on countless devices. But then, he starts mixing up parts, tangling cables, and generally treating your laptop like a Rubik’s Cube with no intention of solving it.

Suddenly, you realize that these “IT support technicians” are more like amateurs attempting to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Only, instead of a rabbit, they produce a bunch of error messages and a deep sense of buyer’s remorse.

We get many jobs from people who have tried other technicians without luck and one common factor we find is that they don’t take the time to do a proper assessment of the issue. As part of our process, we will always do an assessment first, and then give you an estimate of the cost and timeline involved. We don’t rush repairs and these days, the logistics issues facing many suppliers often plays a part in our estimates. 

Of course, these days, there are options to try and fix your devices yourselves, but the problems with that approach are outlined below.

DIY IT fix Debacles

Often, when you’re frustrated and low on options, you may be tempted to take matters into your own hands. You watch a few YouTube tutorials for fixing your device and think, “How hard can this be?” Armed with a toolkit from an online retail giant, you embark on a dubious DIY adventure.

This is where it gets really tricky. You gingerly unscrew the device’s back panel, feeling like a brain surgeon about to perform the most delicate operation. But as soon as you see the labyrinth of wires and components, a wave of nervousness courses down your back. 

Honestly, we wholeheartedly support you jumping in and getting your hands dirty. It’s fun and educational! (not to mention, you get the chance to screw up the problem even more which means bigger repair bills from us to you. Kaching! #j/k #lylt)  

Fast forward to the post-DIY debacle, where you’ve managed to unhook a couple of cables, figured out how the battery can be pulled out and pushed back in, but haven’t come any closer to fixing the problem. It’s kinda like most people trying to fix their leaking water pipes. And I’ll give you some free advice my mum gave me, “If you’re not sure, ask someone who knows, for help.

With prices everywhere going up, what’s a customer gotta do to keep things reasonable? Might as well go for the cheapest service right? Nah. The next section looks at why cheap might not be cheerful. 


The real price of Cheap IT support

In your quest for a a trusted repair technician, you might come across those offering their IT repair services for a tantalizingly low price. It’s a bit like going to a restaurant and seeing a steak dinner advertised for the price of a serve of dumplings. Tempting, right? Nah – stay away.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Handing over your device to someone who promises a quick and affordable fix can often result in a flimsy repair job, an even flimsier excuse and a device that seems to be off-center. 

Pay attention to warranty periods offered for repairs and understand that as an industry, we will generally cover similar issues that crop up after a repair, but anything unrelated is probably another issue that needs to be repaired separately.


In this world of tech turmoil and bumbling repairmen, there’s a beacon of hope – the trusted IT technician. Finding someone you trust to handle your precious gadgets is like finding a rare Pokémon. They understand your woes, speak a language you comprehend, and always seem to have a solution up their sleeves.

If you don’t have someone you trust with your digital repairs yet, give us a buzz. We’ve become the tech confidant for hundreds of customers. We can act as your go-to guru for all things digital, and in return, you never have to experience the absurdity of the tech circus again.